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Viasat Technology Received the Prize in the Ranking „Top 100 Technological Companies “

Публикувано от Viasat Technology on 27-Aug-2018 12:18:12

Viasat Technology received the prize for highest profitability in the ranking ‘Top 100 technological companies’. The corporation stuck out with a profitability coefficient of 22,8%.

This is the first prize which the company has received since joining the Viasat Group, the biggest telematics group in Europe, in may 2017.

Viasat Group is the leader of the European market for telematic insurance and eCall systems for emergency calls with automatic recognition of collision of vehicles.

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More Than 26 000 Liters of Fuel Have Been Stolen From Corporate Vehicles Over The Last Two Years

Публикувано от Viasat Technology on 27-Aug-2018 12:07:57

The fuel thefts registered by the Viasat Technology GPS system over the past two years amount to more than 26000 liters. If we have to be exact, in 2016 corporate vehicles have lost 18 047 liters of fuel to theft in a total of 652 cases of drains. In comparison the number in 2017 is 8083 liters in 326 cases, which equates to almost half.

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How to Make Sure the GPS Devices in Your Vehicles Work?

Публикувано от Viasat Technology on 22-Jun-2018 16:27:53

GPS tracking devices sometimes stop working. There are various reasons for this and they don’t always have to do with problems with the GPS module. These are just a few of the reasons that cause malfunctions, in our experience:

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Insurance Based on Usage is Becoming More and More Popular on a Global Scale

Публикувано от Viasat Technology on 25-Apr-2018 14:54:21

In 2017 the usage based insurance Market (UBI) has grown by 26% thanks to about 280 insurance companies around the world. In the most common cases, vehicles have GPS device installed, which provides complete information regarding the behavior of the driver as well as the state of the vehicle. The driver’s behavior is a key element when assessing the risk, based on which the price of the insurance is determined. This method of price calculation is becoming more and popular, with the number of UBI reaching 17.4 million in 2017.

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How to easily track the stаy durations of your corporate vehicles?

Публикувано от Viasat Technology on 14-Mar-2018 15:37:46

Firstly, you have to define which stays should be kept track of, those below or above a certain amount of time. For example, if your corporate vehicles visit clients and the regular service time is twenty minutes, it would be reasonable to track stays that last longer than 20 minutes. If your vehicles are taking longer than 20 minutes to service a location, it is very likely that they are performing personal tasks. Of course, the latter may be allowed within the rules of the company, but from an efficiency and optimisation standpoint, its always good to have an overview of the stay duration of the vehicles in your fleet.

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The Most Important Metrics You Should Track When Running Your Corporate Fleet

Публикувано от Viasat Technology on 03-Aug-2017 06:52:00

Good fleet organisation can mean an increase in vehicle lifespan or a reduction in its costs. To run a  corporate fleet means being in many places at the same time, organising daily schedules, insuring that the vehicles are running correctly, fitting within the budget, keeping track of the costs for fuel and amintenance as well as many other things. The truth is that without correct information it’s almost impossible to run a fleet successfully.

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5 Steps for Successful Implementation of a GPS Tracking System

Публикувано от Viasat Technology on 02-Aug-2017 18:26:29

The main reason for implementing a GPS tracking system is the reduction of fleet costs. Often times the choice and implementation process is underestimated, due to which some users wind up spending a lot of money without seeing the benefit from their purchase.

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EuroGPS is Now Part of the Biggest European Vendor of Telematic Services, Viasat Group

Публикувано от Viasat Technology on 22-Jun-2017 11:51:11

The news about the arrival of the telematics leader Viasat Group on the bulgarian market was announced at a special press conference in Sofia Tech Park.

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Публикувано от Viasat Technology on 17-May-2017 14:54:33

EuroGPS is Now Viasat Technology

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3 Popular Ways to Steal Fuel from Corporate Vehicles

Публикувано от Viasat Technology on 11-Apr-2017 16:02:12

 Pumping fuel from corporate vehicles and using it for personal purposes or sale at a lower price is a fact of reality. The more the price of fuel rises, the more motivated the drivers of corporate vehicles to drain fuel from trucks, construction machines, buses and all sorts of corporate transport vehicles. The most common methods for fuel theft are:

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