Historically, Viasat Technology has gone through several business models (development of custom software for clients) before identifying telematics as its main focus. In 2004, the company developed integrated telematic device – a blackspot laser alert system. This project supported the development of specialized expertise and the founders identified an attractive niche market, for which they subsequently developed the telematics platform Viasat Technology eVehicle. In the course of ten months, the company reached 1,000 subscribers for its software-as-a-service (SaaS) telematics platform. Between 2008-14, the subscriber base grew by 57% yoy, which was partly due to expansion of the customer base of small and medium enterprises.

Products / services

Viasat Technology offers a complete fleet management solution to its clients and helps them optimize their logistics operations. The backbone of our solutions is the Viasat Technology eVehicle, an integrated telematics software platform, and SmartTracker, highly adaptive GPS-tracking device with functional and interface options for expansion. All products are tailored to the client needs, taking into account the particular industry specifics and fleet sizes.

Client base

Currently, Viasat Technology provides services to thousands of clients and the total number of vehicles equipped exceeds 39,000.
The company achieved significant growth internationally, carrying out business activities in Bulgaria, Macedonia and Holland