EuroGPS eVehicle

Icom’s proprietary telematics and LBS platform

EuroGPS eVehicle is an integrated software platform, which powers the numerous telematics solutions, which ICOM offers to businesses and public bodies.

EuroGPS eVehicle’s main advantages include:

  • Ultimate scalability and high availability,
  • Own map engine working with different map data sources and rich GIS functionality,
  • Own robust and highly customizable intelligent GPS hardware devices,
  • Proven business model for enabling Mobile network operators to enrich their offerings by adding vehicle tracking and vehicle fleet management services in a seamless way through integration of the platform.
  • Open software platform allowing the use of multiple GPS hardware devices from different manufacturers,
  • Easy integration with other platforms like ERP systems, (SAP, Maconomy, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.), CRM systems, etc.


The solutions powered by EuroGPS eVehicle include:

  • EuroGPS SmartTracker – an advanced solution for Commercial fleet management with more than 10 versions for specific industries


  • EuroGPS Public Transportation – ITS solution for mass public transport, providing a comprehensive set of tools for automation of all processes of planning, real-time control, and management of mass transit operations in urban and extra-urban areas, as well as real-time passenger information (RTPI) in pubic transport vehicles, on bus/metro stops, online and on mobile devices. EuroGPS Public Transportation is deployed and active in several major cities in Bulgaria and Macedonia.


  • EuroGPS PAYD – a fully-featured UBI telematics solution, which enables a range of features for car insurers, ranging from basic pay-as-you-drive scenarios to multiple premium services, including PHYD, active driver safety, driver behavior monitoring, asset protection, claims management, etc.


Icom has also been active in the development of retrofit hardware devices to support the EU’s eCall initiative and has developed an eCall IVS for retro-fit installation.

ICOM’s data center and production facility

Icom’s telematics platform “EuroGPS SmartTracker” runs on IT infrastructure based in Icom’s Data Center in our central office in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Icom’s data center is a private-cloud based facility capable of servicing up to 250,000 vehicles. The platform runs in 100% virtualized environment and is easily extendable by simple addition of more processing power, operational memory, and storage space.

ICOM’s production facility in Plovdiv, Bulgaria is ISO/TS 16949 certified for production of telematics devices for the automotive industry.


Interfaces with other systems

EuroGPS eVehicle is a flexible system with open architecture and easy integration and/or interconnection with external information systems  (Web or proprietary) operated by different institutions on different corporate or government levels, including ERP systems (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Maconomy, etc.), Smart Ticketing and AFC systems, passenger counting systems, planning systems (defining traffic models),  intelligent traffic systems with public transport prioritization, systems for statistical data processing, web systems providing information or other services to the public, etc.