from implementing EuroGPS solutions

EuroGPS Solutions
  • Real-time vehicle tracking
  • Control of vehicle location, speed, routes, stops, idling, engine
    and battery status, etc.
  • Prevention of unauthorised vehicles use
  • Automation of work-time management and company/personal
    vehicle use
  • Driving behaviour and rules enforcement (speed control,
    driving time control,allowed/forbidden geographical zones
    and regions, etc.)
  • Automatic drive and work-time reporting
EuroGPS Solutions
  • Seamless integration with internal client systems including
    ERP systems (SAP,Maconomy and Microsoft Dynamics),
    CRM systems, Trouble Ticketing Systems, etc.
  • Flexible and easily extendable platform with plug-and-play
    addition of optional equipment and seamless addition
    of new services
  • Custom versions available for specific client needs
    (security systems , specialized systems for government use, etc.)
  • Mileage reduction
  • Speed reduction
  • Fuel control
  • Fuel-theft prevention
  • Advanced Analytical instruments
  • Modular report engine
  • Over 80 standard reports
  • Reports available in all standard formats

Operational and cost efficiency

Time and cost efficiency increasingly become a crucial factor for numerous inductries which operate in a highly competitive market and/or under challanging external economic conditions. Globally, more and more industries are realizing the significant benefits, which telematics solution providers offer for the managements of vehicle fleets.

As a leading provider of fleet management solutons, EuroGPS successfully supports its clients through:

  • Reduction of fleet management costs (typically between 15-30%)
  • Real-time tracking of vehicle location and status
  • Administrative fuel control
  • Assigning tasks to single or group of vehicles
  • Creation of rules with regards to geo-coded objects and regions (with automatic alerts for rule violations)
  • Monitor and identify undesired driving behavior


Driver safety is not surprizingly one of the top priorities which numeorus industries focus on. Minimizing the possibilities for human error significantly increase the avoidance of fatalities and property damage. EuroGPS provides its clients with the solutions needed to address safety concern and to proactively take corrective actions to minimize risk levels. Our solutions include:

  • Precise and objective real-time information about how the vehicles are being used by the drivers
  • Driver profiling and alerting for unusual behavior
  • Remote monitoring of engine status, brakes, fuel level and consumption, tyre pressure, etc.
  • Remote engine stops
  • Real-time speed control


Effectively leveraging EuroGPS’s solutions takes theft prevention to the next level with active monitoring features. We are able to increase the personal safety and security of your drivers and vehicle through:

  • Seamless communication to control centers for immediate stolen vehicle recovery
  • Remote engine stop, instant theft alerts
  • Driver identification system
  • Driver-operated panic buttons (remote and stationary)