3 Popular Ways to Steal Fuel from Corporate Vehicles

Posted by Viasat Technology on 11-Apr-2017 16:02:12
Viasat Technology

 Pumping fuel from corporate vehicles and using it for personal purposes or sale at a lower price is a fact of reality. The more the price of fuel rises, the more motivated the drivers of corporate vehicles to drain fuel from trucks, construction machines, buses and all sorts of corporate transport vehicles. The most common methods for fuel theft are:

1.     Fuel Theft Through Direct Draining of the Vehicle’s Reservoir

The direct pumping of the tank is a common method for fuel theft from corporate vehicles. It happends with all kinds of motor vehicles – cars, small or large cargo vehicles, buses, trucks, construction vehicles and agricultural equipment. Obviously, trucks, constructional and agricultural equipment are the most attractive due to their large reservoirs and they are often in locations, which are not densely populate or completely empty of people.

2.     Filling a Personal Vehicles or Container with Corporate Fuel.

Another common practice, especially with cars is filling a container or personal vehicle instead of a corporate one with corporate fuel. However the costs for the loaded fuel are picked up by the company, which without any means of control has no way of knowing that the fuel was not used by a corporate vehicle.

3.     Theft of Fuel from the Feedback Oil

The theft of fuel through feedback oil is mostly done on large cargo vehicles. This mehtod is quite insidious, because the driver disattaches the feedback oil hose and connects it to a tube. As a result, the fuel which returns to the engine, instead of pouring back into the reservoir of the vehicles goes right in the tube of the thief-driver. Of course, this method doesn’t allow for large fuel thefts, but a small and constant flow proves to be a significant amount at the end of the month.

How to avoid fuel theft?

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