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How to easily track the stаy durations of your corporate vehicles?

Posted by Viasat Technology on 14-Mar-2018 15:37:46
Viasat Technology

Firstly, you have to define which stays should be kept track of, those below or above a certain amount of time. For example, if your corporate vehicles visit clients and the regular service time is twenty minutes, it would be reasonable to track stays that last longer than 20 minutes. If your vehicles are taking longer than 20 minutes to service a location, it is very likely that they are performing personal tasks. Of course, the latter may be allowed within the rules of the company, but from an efficiency and optimisation standpoint, its always good to have an overview of the stay duration of the vehicles in your fleet.

Almost every modern GPS system gives information about the duration of stays, but if you have 20, 30, 50 or more vehicles, you likely won’t want to confirm that every stay was withing the allowed duration by hand. Automatic GPS systems aid in this by allowing you to filter the stays which interest you and focus on them. This way you will be able to quickly gain information about the deviations or undisciplined drivers and take precautions, based on objective information.

This whole introduction is projected into one very useful querying function of the Smart Tracker software from Viasat Technology regarding “Duration of stays”. Defined by the user. Here’s what it looks like:

 gps tracking stay dur report.jpgThe query consists of information about all stays longer than the allowed duration and hides information about it’s movement or shorter stays, allowing you to focus on what’s important. The user may also choose to only show stays in particular regions.

Every extended stay is recorded on a seperate line in the report and the following information is listed:

  • Vehicle
  • Driver
  • Internal Vehicles Classification (if available)
  • Beginning, end and duration of stay
  • Address, name of region of stay


The query allows for a number of additional settings. You can work with the following options:

  • What should the duration of the stay be in order for it to be classified as “long” (e.g. more than 10 minutes, more than 20 minutes)
  • Whether only stays within certain regions should be included, or only those outside certain regions. It is also possible to include both..
  • Inclusion of general information. This option will include in the system an additional line with data about the mileage and movement of the vehicle for the selected period.


After choosing the settings, you can generate a report about any given vehicle and it will include only the stays that itnerest you.

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