How to Make Sure the GPS Devices in Your Vehicles Work?

Posted by Viasat Technology on 22-Jun-2018 16:27:53
Viasat Technology

GPS tracking devices sometimes stop working. There are various reasons for this and they don’t always have to do with problems with the GPS module. These are just a few of the reasons that cause malfunctions, in our experience:

  • Vehicle maintenance which damages or affects the GPS device or its antennas;
  • Manipulation of the GPS device by the driver;
  • Failure of the GPS device;
  • Issues with the vehicle’s battery

Regardless of the reason, it’s quite unpleasant for GPS tracker users to realize that the device hasn’t been functioning or collecting data about a vehicle. The latter often happens when GPS system users don’t use it daily or don’t keep constant track of their vehicles, but rather only when there is a reason, in regular intervals or when generating route lists or other reports.

With large fleets, it’s not unusual for operative tracking to happen less often. In that case the module for route lists and all kinds of reports connected to mileage, fuel, route and others are the most commonly used functions. In that case, how can you be certain the GPS devices are functioning?

How to know if a device stops functioning, without checking every single vehicle?

With the Viasat Technology system, you can easily verify that a GPS device is functioning in one of two ways:

  1. Using the operative module for GPS tracking, which has integrated functionality and color coding, indicating the last time the GPS device was active.

gps tracking 1

2. The most comfortable method for the user is to be notified immediately when a GPS device stops working. This can be done via automated alarm, which informs the user of the system about a problem with the GPS module transmitting data from the vehicle.

gps tracking 2

 In this way, using the module for automated work with the GPS system, you can relax be confident that you will be notified, should the GPS device stop functioning. The automated approach saves time and will inform you only when necessary.


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