More Than 26 000 Liters of Fuel Have Been Stolen From Corporate Vehicles Over The Last Two Years

Posted by Viasat Technology on 27-Aug-2018 12:07:57
Viasat Technology

The fuel thefts registered by the Viasat Technology GPS system over the past two years amount to more than 26000 liters. If we have to be exact, in 2016 corporate vehicles have lost 18 047 liters of fuel to theft in a total of 652 cases of drains. In comparison the number in 2017 is 8083 liters in 326 cases, which equates to almost half.

 Table: Liters drained –number of cases of drains



The positive side is that the number of registered thefts reduces rapidly after the introduction of GPS devices with a fuel-control function, as the data in the above diagrams shows.
The theft methods employed in the cases registered by the GPS system of Viasat Technology are the following:
1/ Direct drains from the tanks;
2/ Filling up fuel at a gas station in a personal vehicle instead of a corporate one. Despite the fact that many gas station employees keep an eye out for such illegal practices, they do still occur. Luckily, the fuel control mechanism of the Viasat Technology system allows you to compare the amount of fuel filled at the gas station to that which entered the fuel tank.
The Viasat technology GPS system employs different methods for fuel tracking, depending on whether the vehicle is a truck, construction machine, agricultural, light or heavy vehicle.
A specially trained team in Viasat technology takes care of fuel tracking, i.e. they generate reports about the fuel usage and signs of fuel theft, which are then provided to the user.

Stop the theft of fuel in your coporate fleet. Request an offer for a GPS system with fuel tracking.


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