The importance of response time for moto road accidents

Posted by Viasat Technology on 30-Apr-2019 14:49:18
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The  possibility of having a traffic accident is a real nightmare for everyone, who rides on two wheels. In a situation like that, the odds of the driver surviving are largely dependent on the prompt signalling of the emergency services about the nature and location of the accident.

That’s why Viasat Technology recently released a service on the Bulgarian market, which allows for automatic signalling when a motorcycle rider has an accident. The service can dramatically reduces the reaction time of the emergency services, which increases the survival rate of motorcycle riders in traffic accidents.

To What Extent Are Motorcycle Riders Exposed to Risk of Traffic Accidents?

One interesting study on the topic, made by the ‘Hotline’ foundation in Caparoca, Spain  is focused on the traffic incidents involving the most vulnerable participants in traffic – pedestrians, bicycle and motorcycle riders. The report is based on 0,5 million road accidents in the period betwwen 2007 and 2016 and on 542 collision dynamics analyses, made by criminal investigators. Based on the collision simulations, the specialists prepared a report on the specific causes and effects of every individual collision.

Here are some of the results:

  • Around 10 000 pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists died and around 500 000 were injured in the period 2007-2016;
  • Almost half of those who dies were on a motorcycle;
  • 50% of deaths in traffic accidents in Spain are motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians

Another study, again in Spain by the foundation ‘Mutua Madrileña’ also analyses the motorcycle accidents and points to the following statistics about victims:

  • 8% of motorcycle riders are part of at least one traffic accident involving another motor vehicle every year
  • 7% of motorcycle accidents end in death or injury.


What is the Situation in Bulgaria?

According to the MVR (Ministry of Internal Affairs), the accidents involving motorcyclists are becoming more common. Until the middle of  2018, 16 motorcyclists died in different traffic accidents and 117 were injured. Compared to that, in 2017 only 5 motorcyclists died and 101 were injured. In 2016 there were 6 deaths and 123 injuries in a total of 129 accidents.

The new service by Viasat Technology – Viasat Moto aims to reduce the lethality of motorcycle accidents and allow for better care and response time in cases of road emergencies. In case of a fall, a GPS device mounted in the base of the motorcycle immediately transmits a signal to a rescue center in order to insure a reaction as fast as possible. This will also help in locating where precisely the accident took place and allow the emergency services to get there faster.

Along with that, Viasat Moto will allow the activation of a defensive perimeter around the rider, which will signal the owner in case of theft.

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