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Viasat Technology Received the Prize in the Ranking „Top 100 Technological Companies “

Posted by Viasat Technology on 27-Aug-2018 12:18:12
Viasat Technology

Viasat Technology received the prize for highest profitability in the ranking ‘Top 100 technological companies’. The corporation stuck out with a profitability coefficient of 22,8%.

This is the first prize which the company has received since joining the Viasat Group, the biggest telematics group in Europe, in may 2017.

Viasat Group is the leader of the European market for telematic insurance and eCall systems for emergency calls with automatic recognition of collision of vehicles.

The Bulgarian company, operating under the trademark Viasat Technology, has the largest share in the Bulgarian corprate GPS control and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) market with its in-house produced software and hardware.

The prize was given to Mariana Michailova, marketing and sales director of Viasat Technology, by Stamen Yanev, executive director of the InvestBulgaria Agency.

Viasat Technology- най-рентабилна компания 2

Picture - Georgi Kozhuharov, Economedia 

Such prizes are meant to inspire all Bulgarian companies’  - claimed Yanev. – ‘I congratulate Viasat Technology on the work they are dong. Higher profitability means more income for the company as well as every member of the Viasat Technology family. This translates into added value to the Bulgarian economy. I have to thank my coleagues from the Ministry of Economics and the deputy minister of economics for our combined effort in showing that leadership leads to innovation and investment. Accodring to Abraham Lincoln the best way to tell the future is to create it today. That’s what Viasat Technology is doing’ said Stamen Yanev as well.

Our company is now a part of VIASAT Group, the biggest telematics provider in Europe. We are focusing our efforts on insurance tlematics, which we hope will soon be a part of the Bulgarian market. We are working on the development of eCall systems, which have immense influence in the economic and societal sectors, reducing the number of traumas occurring during road accidents’ said Mariana Michailova.

The ranking is based on objective financial criteria from bulgarian and international companies within the IT, telecommunications and outsourcing sectors of the Bulgarian market.

Some of the awarded companies were: Vivacom, VM Ware, HP, Polycomp, Datex, Clico Bulgaria and Upnetix.

The ICT Media award for most profitable company in the Top 100 technological companies is very important for Viasat technology, because it confirms the potential for business development in Bulgaria.


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