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Fleet management


GPS satellite GPS satellite
Your fleet Your fleet
Telecommunications network Telecommunications network
Control from a desktop or a mobile device Control from a desktop or a mobile device


Viasat Technology systems management and real-time tracking of fleets make logistics processes more effective and safer than before.

Despite the complexity and size of your fleet, Viasat Technology systems provide greater efficiency, productivity and safety of the fleet, reduce operating costs, excess mileage and lost time.

Client benefits

Cost reductions


Reduction in transportation costs

Control of fuel consumption and mileage

Control of vehicle route compliance

Reduction in misuse of vehicles

Reduction in downtime and excess mileage




Real-time information on driver behavior

Improvement of driving habits

Reduction in the average speed of the vehicles

Reduction in vehicle damages

Reduction in traffic accidents




Increase in driver’s safety

Increase in safety of the vehicle and transported load

Locating of stolen vehicles

Alarming in case of danger

Theft prevention




Redustion in administrative load

Objective information on mileage and site visits

Numerous specialized statistical reports

Improvement of compliance

Real-time information on the entire fleet status

Functionalities for GPS tracking:
  • Real-time track and trace
  • Location, route, speed, direction
  • Monitoring of engine and battery conditions
  • Defined rules and automated alarms
  • Defining client sites
  • Specialized reports
  • Fleet maintenance
  • Tire management
  • Fuel control
  • Driver identification (RFID)
  • Immobilizer
  • Door sensors
  • Temperature sensors
  • RPM sensors
  • Connection to CAN / OBD II
  • Connection to Tachograph
  • Navigation
  • Mobileye (safe driving assistant)
  • Remote engine stop
  • Panic buttons
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